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Get access to thousands of exclusive offers with one link!

A SmartLink is a link that redirects the user to the most suitable destination based on their location, device, and other click data parameters, as well as on the dynamic eCPM of each path, thus sending the traffic to the most performing creatives and offers.

Save your time and efforts, offers will be rotated automatically to give the best result possible it’s a good attempt to secure maximum revenue for you, regardless of where your traffic is coming from, so take the action and get the high stakes with no risks

Let’s optimize your traffic and get high ROI together

  • internally tested and constantly updated creatives
  • Our SmartLink optimizes your campaign down to an individual pre-lander’s performance.
  • You don’t need to spend resources testing offers– we test them for you
  • Smartlink payouts are no longer fixed!

“People should pursue what they’re passionate about. That will make them happier than pretty much anything else.”

Elon Musk

If your traffic works well for the advertiser – offer conditions will reflect the performance of your leads. In addition, the monthly payment threshold can be switched to a weekly payout after traffic quality approval.

Smartlink it’s very convinient

Our smartlink is transparent. You get real-time stats on its network-wide performance, with eCPM breakdowns by geo, connection type, device, and other metrics