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High-quality offers, high commissions, and reliable short terms payments

Welcome to the leading affiliate network
Our partners choose us for high commissions rate and short terms payments, sign up and start the campaign, “Start here” button

Reliable Payments

We have an impeccable reputation for reliable payments. We understand how important the turnover for the webmaster

Top-Performing Offers

We offer some of the highest commissions in the industry, including monetization by different models CPA, and CPC. Our customized order forms lead to higher conversions.

Accurate Tracking

Our device-level tracking ensures you get paid for every single conversion. We rank top offers by different verticals, so you know which are performing well

Dedicated Support

Up-and-coming and premier businesses receive dedicated account management, plus access to exclusive networking events to build strategic partnerships.

As an affiliate, you can make money without creating your own products to sell. At Affinity, we make affiliate marketing easy. Our vast offer platform includes more than 4,000 quality products listed by thousands of advertisers and application owners.